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Establishment of RCW, April 1970

Women in Public Life in Wisconsin, April 28, 1971

Conference of Women Theologians, June 7-18, 1971

Women and Their Education Workshop, September 1-2, 1971

Midwest Conference on Women's Studies, October 22-23, 1971

Sperry-Hutchinson Lectureship, March/April 1972

Women and Their Personal Finances, February/March 1974

Wisconsin Governor's Commission on the Status of Women Conference,
September 19, 1974

International Women's Year Observance, November 11-14, 1975

Project POWER, 1974-1977

Seminar Day: "Women and the City," March 24, 1982

RCW Women's Oral History Project: "Who are Our Students," 1988-1992

Seminar Day: "Wisconsin Women Making a Difference," April 23, 1993

A Conversation with Catharine R. Stimpson, November 5, 1993

RCW 25th Anniversary Celebration, Fall 1995

RCW Since 1995: from Research Center on Women to Research Center for Women and Girls

RCW Publications

What RCW has Brought to the Alverno Community

Learn More About the Research Center on Women

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