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Welcome to the Graduate News website! All issues of Graduate News, beginning with the January 2005 issue, are available here.

Current Issue - Graduate News
May 4, 2018

Got an announcement? Is there an event you would like to publicize? Have you changed positions, received an award, attended a conference? Please provide a hard copy or e-mail text to your program director as identified below.

For the MA in Education, contact Desiree Pointer Mace at

For the MSN, send information to Karin Wasiullah at

For the MBA, send information to Sharon Skinner at

For the MSCP, send information to Kimberly Skerven at

Deadline for information is 8 a.m. on Monday before Weekend College.

Want to send information about the Alverno MA, MSN, MBA or MSCP program to a friend? Send the name and address of the person to Janet Stikel.

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