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Make connections that create meaning between yourself and your audience. Learn to speak, read, write and listen effectively, using graphics, electronic media, computers and quantified data.

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Think clearly and critically. Fuse experience, reason and training into considered judgment.


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Problem Solving


Figure out what the problem is and what is causing it. With others or alone, form strategies that work in different situations. Then, get done what needs to be done, evaluating effectiveness.

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Recognize different value systems while holding strongly to your own ethic. Recognize the moral dimensions of your decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

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Social Interaction


Know how to get things done in committees, task forces, team projects and other group efforts. Elicit the views of others and help reach conclusions.

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Developing a Global Perspective


Act with an understanding of and respect for the economic, social and biological interdependence of global life.


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Effective Citizenship


Be involved and responsible in the community. Act with an informed awareness of contemporary issues and their historical contexts. Develop leadership abilities.

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Aesthetic Engagement


Engage with various forms of art and in artistic process. Take and defend positions regarding the meaning and value of artistic expressions in the contexts from which they emerge


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