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I became acquainted with the Alverno Assessment program when my daughter was a student. I got involved with assessment at that time and it's been 16 years. The experience is rewarding and I can give back in some measure (for the education of my daughter). Her success is a testament to the program. Joe Adams, Sales Representative, Collegiate Cap & Gown

I really enjoy assessing at Alverno because I myself am a graduate of the program. Alverno's curriculum really helped me grow professionally and personally. It has helped tremendously in my work and career. If I can just share with other women what I learned I can give back to an institution that has worked for me. Joyce Gohr, Associate Director, Ameritech SBC

I began assessing with Alverno College to give something back to the community (as a member of the Milwaukee Fire Department). As time went on and I was sharing my skills as a manager of a fire department, I influenced students but they influenced me and I was getting more back. The lessons I learned from Alverno students I have used to become a better manager and improve the environment for myself and the fire department. It's been a wonderful experience. Don Doro, Battalion Chief, Milwaukee Fire Department

I am not sure why I started assessing 17 years ago but I know why I continue to assess. It's being in the academic atmosphere, being part of the process of education of students.One student told me " It was one of the most rewarding experiences I had in my career. You were tough on me but through the process of assessment you taught me that my experience in the classroom wasn't isolated". I always come away with more then I give. John Schmitz, President, John Schmitz Insurance

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