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Student Assessment-as-Learning at Alverno College

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I have learned how important it is to teach students to understand and interpret the criteria by which I will evaluate their work. As part of an institution that has articulated and shared its insights about student assessment-as-learning, I have become both more patient with unique paths of student learning and more consistent in my application of standards for successful performance.
Judy Stanley, Professor of English

It has become clear to me that repeated use of self assessment helps my students feel more in control of their learning because at any point in the semester they can describe their progress in using the problem-defining framework integrated with management concepts to define management problems.
Dena Liberman, Professor, Business and Management

Explicit criteria lay a solid groundwork for instruction and allow me to offer clear applicable models for new learning. Criteria-driven assessment, in turn, is invaluable to my objectivity and specificity in providing feedback. Actually, the criteria/assessment process is so logical and fundamental that, although I didn't use that terminology in my previous decades of public high school teaching, it was intrinsic to all work in the classroom.
Barbara Nevers, Assistant Professor, Integrated Arts and Humanities

Experiencing the assessment process changed my teaching forever. I came to understand the necessity of an educational process that articulates explicit learning outcomes and criteria, provides students with concrete, developmental feedback, and addresses the whole learner. I have absolutely no doubt that my teaching is immeasurably more effective and that my students are receiving a superior education. The proof and joy of this is that every semester I see tremendous growth in my students' writing abilities, and this growth has an immediate impact on how well they perform in other courses and in their professional lives. This is what education is all about --- transforming people to learn and grow and be the best they can be in their chosen fields. Assessment at Alverno does this.
Jill Moore, Chair - Professional Communication Department

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