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student pictureMy assessment was of great value to me ... Applying the Codes of Nursing was a means to fulfill my roles and responsibilities as a professional nurse. (1st semester student)

I found spoken feedback you [the assessor] provided during and immediately following the assessment thoughtful, articulate, and expressed with sincerity. And thank you, too, for your written feedback. You had clearly put time and thought into the words with which you "spoke" to me...making your positive feedback all the more meaningful. (2nd semester student)
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To have successfully completed this assessment process that I was afraid of, offers me hope to challenge and work toward completion of other more difficult tasks. I felt validated for my work. (3rd semester student)

External assessments give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in whatever classes you have taken. (6th semester student)
Alverno assessments are as close to real life work experience as possible. (7th semester student)

An assessment for me is an opportunity to apply my skills, abilities, and knowledge as well as to learn ways in which I can improve those abilities when I apply my knowledge. ... Assessment is a chance to show what I know and learn what I don't know. (7th semester student)


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Major areas of learning have derived from countless numbers of self assessment activities I have taken part in. Self assessment has assisted me in identifying areas of strength as well as areas that need improvement. Through self assessment I have learned that valuing is a major part of who I am, what I believe, as well as the motivating force behind my interactions in my personal and professional life. (8th semester student)

Our assessments are a fair and honest appraisal of what I have learned each semester. I have to do what I know. (8th semester student)


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